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A few words said at the right time can achieve far more than a thousand words said indiscriminately.

Don’t Think of the Black Cat is a collection of phrases that have that have come about from years of counselling. They offer both insight and practical advice for navigating life’s important areas – work, relationships, personal growth.

Read and understood in the right time and place, these aphorisms could be better than a year of therapy.



Some extracts

You don’t know what other people are really thinking.

You feel embarrassed in a particular situation and you think people are staring at you, or you think they are looking at you and thinking that you are a loser or some other such fantasy.

The truth is that you have no idea what other people are thinking. The chances are they have more important things on their mind than thinking about you.

Most people are too busy thinking about themselves to give much attention to thinking of other people.

What endeared you to your partner when you dated may become the reason for your breakup.

She likes him because he is decisive and knows what he wants. He likes her because she is irreverent and sees the fun in life.

She wants to breakup with him because he is too controlling.

He wants to breakup with her because she doesn’t take anything seriously.


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